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Sea of Thieves reaches 5 million players as Cursed Sails launches

Xbox and Rare have announced a new milestone for its shared world pirate adventure Sea of Thieves.

The game has now been enjoyed by more than five millions player since its launch back in March.

However this may not necessarily sales as Sea of Thieves was the first Microsoft title to be included in the Xbox Game Pass, and the total number most likely includes the Game Pass subscribers.

What also wasn’t mentioned was is this active players or just the amount of people who have tried the game since launch.

Regardless this is quite the achievement and is brilliant to see, as long as there is a healthy audience the games as a service title will presumably carry on developing.

Sea of Thieves has also increased its presence in the streaming and video spaces, with 300 million views for videos on YouTube and 40 million live broadcast hours on Twitch.

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