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PUBG: Mid-Autumn Festival Events and Rewards Week 2

Many countries around the world celebrate the change of season. PUBG are celebrating two of these festivals with special events and rewards.

The Chuseok and Mid-Autumn festival celebrations take place from September 19 through October 16. Each week features new skins that can be earned by simply placing in the Top 15 in 5 games of PUBG during that week.


Event Two

Period: Tuesday, September 26 1:59am – Tuesday, October 3 2am BST
Reward: Traditional Glasses (Round), Tang Suit Jacket

Remember to check back for future events!

Event Three

Period: Tuesday, October 3 1:59am – Tuesday, October 10 2am BST
Reward: Modern Hanbok Shirt + Modern Hanbok Pants + Traditional Hanbok Shoes

Event Four

Period: Tuesday, October 10 1:59am – Tuesday, October 17 2am BST
Reward: Tang Suit Jacket + Tang Suit Pants + Zip-up Boots



  • You must complete the requirements for each event separately to earn the reward.
  • You can click the crate icon in the game lobby to view event details and rewards.
  • You must click the “Receive” button to claim your reward before each event period ends.


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