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HITMAN 2 will have a 1v1 competitive mode – Ghost Mode

IO Interactive have announced a multiplayer mode for HITMAN 2 called “Ghost Mode”. Hoorah!

Don’t be alarmed, the ghost in the thumbnail for the post is not an actual ghost, it’s just a representation of the other player in your game 🙂

Ghost mode pits two players against each other online, both as Agent 47. Your goal is to assassinate 5 targets first.

Both players start in the same position and are after the same target at the same time.

You can utilize weapons, items, outfits and ghost supply drops.

The idea of seeing a ghost of the other player is to see what they are doing and to track their current progress.

Both players will be in separate instances and your world will be unaffected by the action of the other player.

Ghost Mode will only be available for the Miami location at release. It will become available for additional locations, as well as other World of Assassination locations, post-launch.

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