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Forizon Horizon 4 – Year 2 – Summer

Summers back! The last year just flew by like a McLaren Senna on a straight road. Very quickly.

Woah, hold up. There’s been an update!

New Route creator

  • Create custom routes of up to 40 miles from any Asphalt, Dirt or Cross-Country Event starting location.
  • Draw the custom route by driving your car, and place checkpoints anywhere you want to.
  • Blueprint Creator has been updated to allow you to use custom routes.

New Horizon Story

  • New Story – British Racing Green, which explores a century of cars built in Britain.
  • Accessible in Broadway by reaching Level 50.
  • Unlock a new quick chat phrase, a new unique clothing item, and the classic Bentley 8 Litre.

There’s been plenty of fixes and improvements too, including draw distance of tree’s on PC, improved stability on cross-platform connection and my favourite…

  • Added quit option in Quickplay Team Adventure after finishing an Adventure.

Praise the track gods!


The Races

Horizon Seasonal: Praise the Datsun – Discover why this plucky little Japanese car is considered a tuner hero.
Horizon Seasonal: Blast from the Past – Rip through the countryside in this Retro Supercar Championship!
The Trial: Star-Spangled – Bring the thunder to Britain in this incredible show of Modern Muscle.


The weekly challenge is called “Kettle of Fish” and on completion will net you 100 #Forzathon Points.

Step 1: Eclectic Taste – Own and drive any Cult Car.
Step 2: Coveted – Show off your pride and joy by earning a total of 5 million Skill Score in your Cult Car.
Step 3: Hobby Horse – Prove that your Cult Car is the best by winning a Dirt Racing Series event at the White Horse Hill Trail.
Step 4: Fan Favourite – Chain together Near Miss Skills to thrill the crowd and earn 10 Daredevil Skills with your Cult Car.



Special items on sale this week.

2008 Lamborghini Reventón – Forza Edition – S1 847 – 300#FP
1994 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta – Rare – A 737 – 160#FP
Witch’s Hat – Legendary- 75#FP
Witch’s Nose – Legendary – 75#FP


Don’t forget to log in daily to do your daily challenges each earning you 10 #Forzathon Points(you get a new challenge every day but have 3 days to complete them).

If your running low on #Forzathon Points don’t forget you can take part in an hourly #Forzathon Live event in game to earn 30 #Forzathon Points!


Double your #Forzathon Points

If you purchase Lake Lodge on the northwest of the map you will gain the perk, #Forzathon Boost, earning players double the #Forzathon points. Lake Lodge costs 5 million credits but is free for VIP Forza players.


Whilst your here, it’s not too late to join in the fun…

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Amazon – £44.99 Xbox or £59.99 for Windows 10 and Xbox
Microsoft Store – Xbox Play Anywhere – £49.99
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