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HITMAN 2 Trailer wants to remind you of everything new…

In case you weren’t aware, there is a lot being added to HITMAN 2, so much so that IO Interactive has released a new video highlighting all new features.

Including game modes, multiplayer modes, upgrades and content.

Seriously give the video a watch…

Or if you don’t want to watch a video, I’ve listed everything below…

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  • 6 new diverse locations
  • Multiplayer modes
    • Player Vs Player Ghost Mode
    • Co-op Sniper Assassin Mode
  • Gameplay upgrade
    • Smarter combat AI
    • A brand new minimap
    • Security camera grids
    • Picture-in-picture replays
    • ton of new tools
    • Mirrors that work like mirrors
    • The ability to hide inside crowds
    • The ability to hide inside foliage
    • And The Breifcase – back and better than ever
  • Elusive Targets
  • Community-sourced live events
  • Escalation Contracts
  • Blood Money Requiem Pack
  • Holiday-themed content
  • Season 1 Briefcase
  • News maps for Ghost mode
  • Season 1 upgrades
  • Predator-themed challenge pack
  • New levels for Sniper Assassin



HITMAN 2 releases on the 13th of November.

Buy it from (all links are affiliated and open in new tabs)
Amazon – PS4 £49.99 and Xbox One £54.99
Humble Bundle – £44.99
Microsoft Store – Xbox – £54.99
10% off for Humble Subscribers
Green Man Gaming – £35.99
Kinguin – £34.04
Gamivo – £33.77
HRK – £31.28
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MMOGA – £35.19

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