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PUBG has appeared on the PS Store Database, looks like a December release

A member of the PSN profiles forum found references to PUBG in their console’s database, hinting that a release is nearby.

Two promotional images were also found which are hosted on Sony’s Servers along with IDs for both the North American and European PS Stores.

Games do not get assigned IDs unless a release is near or getting a store page.

Nothing has been announced officially regarding PUBG and PS4.


Whilst PUBG has been on Xbox One since December 12th last year, it’s worth noting this was under the Game Preview program. Sony does not have an “early access” program which may explain why the game hasn’t been seen yet.

However, that wasn’t the case with other games such as Fortnite and ARK: Survival Evolved which made their way onto the PS Store regardless of Early Access status.


PUBG on Xbox is no longer a Game Preview title and is now a full release, which may be why we’re hearing about a PS4 release.


Source – VG24/7

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