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Forza Horizon 4 – Year 2 – Winter

It’s that time of the year where ice helps you pull of those long long drifts.

Winters back!

ENDS15th November – 2:30 PM (GMT)

The Races

Horizon Seasonal: Veloster Raptor – Both of these vehicles are adept at hunting their quarry, but which one is the ultimate apex predator?
Horizon Seasonal: Back to the 90s – Frosted tips, grunge music, the dawn of the internet, go-faster stripes and some very cool cars.
The Trial: Mud & Guts – Time to get dirty! Jump in an Offroad Buggy and rampage across the UK in gruelling weather conditions.


The weekly challenge is called “Tough Cookie” and on completion will net you 100 #Forzathon Points.

Step 1: Rugged Good Looks – Own and drive any Sports Utility Hero vehicle.
Step 2: Kick the Bucket – Throw your weight around and use your Sports Utility Hero vehicle to earn 10 Binman Skills.
Step 3: Overlander – Go for some sports and recreation, and win 3 Cross Country Circuit events with your Sports Utility Hero vehicle.
Step 4: Bump N’ Run – Get out of the way! Earn 10 Trading Paint Skills in total with your Sports Utility Hero vehicle.


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Special items on sale this week.

1995 Nissan Nismo GT-R LM – Forza Edition – S1 886 – 300#FP
2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS – Common – S2 915 – 175#FP
Pumpkin Hat – Legendary – 100#FP
Clown Mask – Legendary – 100#FP


Don’t forget to log in daily to do your daily challenges each earning you 10 #Forzathon Points(you get a new challenge every day but have 3 days to complete them).

If your running low on #Forzathon Points don’t forget you can take part in an hourly #Forzathon Live event in game to earn 30 #Forzathon Points!


Double your #Forzathon Points

If you purchase Lake Lodge on the northwest of the map you will gain the perk, #Forzathon Boost, earning players double the #Forzathon points. Lake Lodge costs 5 million credits but is free for VIP Forza players.


Whilst you’re here, it’s not too late to join in the fun…

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Amazon – £44.99 Xbox or £59.99 for Windows 10 and Xbox
Microsoft Store – Xbox Play Anywhere – £49.99
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