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Sunset Overdrive officially confirmed for PC

I knew this day would come!

Sunset Overdrive has been officially announced for PC, coming… TOMORROW!

Larry Hryb (or as you may know him as Major Nelson) tweeted earlier today about talking to Insomniac Games bring Sunset Overdrive to Windows 10 PC’s.

Insomniac Games also retweeted Major Nelsons tweet with the comment “Tune in tomorrow to learn more about the best kept secret in games!”

So there we have it, I can’t wait.

Now all I need is Red Dead Redemption 2 announced for PC and I’ll be happy as Larry 😉

Update: It’s flippin great! I always knew a higher fps would benefit this game so much, and it looks super sharp. Been playing with a controller but once the mouse input has been fixed I’m sure it will feel even better, there’s a lot of what I believe to be smoothing currently on mouse input.

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