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UPDATE: Alien Blackout is the teased “mobile” game.

Update: It’s a mobile game. Called Alien: Blackout

Here’s hoping to a true Alien: Isolation sequel some day.

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Original Story

After a very short teaser from the Alien Twitter Page (@AlienAnthology) a few days ago, a new tweet has been posted with a longer teaser trailer?

Amanda Ripley, the protagonist of Alien: Isolation is due to return this year with the aim to explore the secrets of the Nostromo. Which is the name of the ship the original Alien (1979) film took place in.

What is a little concerning for myself at least is the strapline. “Read. Watch. Play”.

I’ve never been a fan of games that mix with other media, it’s always felt to me like if I don’t go watch X programme for X game, I won’t have a clue what’s going on.

All I know is like many fans, I’m hoping for a full sequel to the absolute horror that was induced during Alien: Isolation.

Which is still what I would refer to the most horrifying of games to this date, absolute terror.

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