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Sea of Thieves file size has decreased! With a catch…

In the latest developer update from Sea of Thieves developer Rare, it has been revealed that the team has been working on the file size of the game on all platforms, more specifically how to reduce its footprint.

The good news is the games file size will be drastically reduced both on console and PC.

  • Xbox One – From 35 GB down to 10 GB.
  • Xbox One X – From 47 GB down to 25 GB.
  • PC – From 47 GB down to 27 GB.


The bad news. On February 6th when the update is released, you will need to redownload the whole game, this is a restructuring of data, not an update.

However, that does mean as content grows in the future it will be significantly smaller compared to before the restructure.


Future updates might be slightly bigger in size, but that’s the toll we pay.


Watch the rest of the developer update below!

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P.s. I’m still without internet until Monday, but I thought this was great news 🙂

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