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Endless Free Weekend

Play Endless Legend, Endless Space 2 and Dungeon of the Endless for free this weekend. And unlock exclusive rewards.

ENDS28th January – 3 PM (GMT)

Endless Space 2 is free to play from 24th – 28th January! If you play the game during this period you can help the community unlock new and exclusive content for the game.

The unlocked content will be delivered next month through your Games2Gether account, so make sure to create one to redeem your rewards!

Play as any faction and explore as many systems of the Endless Galaxy as you can, rewards can be tracked on this page.


During this free weekend, you can also play Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless for free too!


New DLC is available too, you can see about them on the page above, and bonus: You can unlock the first Endless Space Collection for keepsies on the very same page. How good is that?!

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