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Apex Legends – A battle royale game I’m actually hyped for

It looks like an unexpected contender has entered the arena. The creator’s of Titanfall (Respawn) has announced on Twitter that Apex Legends, a battle royale game set in the Titanfall universe is real.

Starting at 4 PM (GMT) a live stream will start over on the Apex Twitch channel building up the grand reveal at around 8 PM (GMT).

Speaking to close friend recently I expressed my love for Titanfall 2, what a phenomenal fast paced game it is. Wallrunning and shooting, fan-bloody-tastic (could you tell I also loved Brink?). I revisit it every now and then, only coming away because my KD is getting worse and worse, yet I still enjoy it.

I’ve always been a Battlefield fanboy, but I hated Battlefield 1, I love the modern era games. Battlefield V is tolerable with it actually feeling more like Battlefield 3 and 4, but still. Give me the future.

Releasing Titanfall 2 so close to a big release, so close to Battlefield 1, was suicide. I genuinely felt that Titanfall 2 was fucked by EA. Everyone who played appreciated it greatly, but its audience was elsewhere due to its tragic release window.

Battle Royale is getting a little oversaturated, but a Titanfall BR. Oh boy, as long as it feels like we’d expect, count me in. Indefinitely.

Especially when it’s been described to feel a little like Siege, one of my favourite FPS games at the moment.

I’m hoping this not only saves Titanfall and brings a sequel along, but it populates Titanfall 2 a bit. After all, it’s super cheap and highly underrated. It’s even got a solid campaign.

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