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Why so many different purchase links?

So I have been asked by a few friends why so many different purchase links.

I think I had better explain.

Our aim is to keep this site up and running via affiliate links. These links that do not cost you anything extra, they just throw a little commision our way when you decide to buy via one of them.

No harm to you, and it keeps this site alive and kicking!

I know some people do not actually like using affiliated links and we understand that.

We are not forcing you to use them or to buy anything, this is your choice.

Our aim

Is to straight up give you the best discounts we can find with our specially sought websites to give you great prices on games. We have used these websites personally in the past and found the experience to be highly satisfactory. We would not recommend anyone that we have had trouble with.

We are not guaranteeing the best prices on the web, we are not guaranteeing anything in fact. Just letting you know we have had good experience with who we’ve chosen to link, and at a good price too.

Why so many

So to answer this I am going to say two links will always be present if the product is available.

First – Amazon. Why? Because Amazon always supply console versions of games. Simple as.

Second – Humble Bundle. Why? Because they are genuinely brilliant, a portion of all funds raised via bundles are sent to charities and good ones at that. This also applies to the store where you can choose instead of getting store credit from your purchase, to donate it to charity instead. We will always place the link to one of our most recommended bundles – Humble Bundle Monthly. This gives you additional discount to everything in the store.

So you may notice a few other links underneath Amazon and Humble Bundle. This is because we believe their price is one of the best, and we understand you have got your own preferences. You might not like one store or unfortunately had a bad experience with another. We like to show you a range of choice.


You buy if you want to, you pick who.


Hopefully that clears it up for some of you! Drop me a comment if there is anything else you would like to know.


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