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The Occupation gets a release date

A new game from White Paper Games, the creators of Ether One have teamed up with Humble Bundle to release The Occupation, an investigate adventure game with a twist.

Set in 1987 North West England, a terrorist act triggers laws that will erode civil liberties. You play as a journalist trying to uncover the truth behind behind the explosion by collecting evidence and conducting interviews.

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What makes this game different is you have a limited amount of time to gather evidence.

The game world is non-linear and unfolds in real-time. NPCs will follow their own routine and could potentially destroy or reveal key evidence.

You can conduct your investigation however you’d like.

Want to approach methodically and cautiously, you can however this may change how evidence unfolds.

Or perhaps you’d like to sneak around and collect what you need without raising suspicion.

The Occupation launches for PC on October 9th.

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