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Yakuza 0 PC launch trailer is as you would expect – weird and wonderful


Yakuza 0 released on PC today, what are you waiting for. Get it loaded!

The launch trailer is filled with sharply dressed men kicking each other. Another day in the office.

But there’s also bowling, dancing minigames, half dressed female wrestling and karaoke singing. You guessed it, this is a completely normal game nothing out of the ordinary to see here… Yeah right!

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Here’s Sega’s official run-down:

A prequel to the long-running series, Yakuza 0 is the perfect entry point to the Yakuza series. With the legendary Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu, and series regular Goro Majima, embark on a rich saga, experiencing their gripping origin stories of moral dilemmas as young yakuza.

Explore the neon-lit streets of Kamurocho (Tokyo) and Sotenbori (Osaka), beating piles of cash out of street thugs (literally) whilst using three different fighting styles. Help civilians in over 100 substories, run your own business and immerse yourself in 1980s Japan with SEGA’s arcade classics, telephone clubs, discos, pocket circuit car races and more.

Hopefully I’ll be diving in this evening, and looking forward to it!

Buy it from (all the links are affiliated and open in new tabs)
Humble Bundle – £14.99
10% off for Humble Subscribers
Voidu – £11.47

Update: Sega want you to know. Real Yakuza use gamepads.

yakuza 0 pc gamepad

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