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About mark6IKX

Site Admin / Post pusher / Image Idiot. I'm not going to fill my bio with pretentious rubbish. I'm lazy and I play games. I loving story filled games more recently, hit me up on Discord if I'm online might squeeze in a game. Discord - mark6IKX #6984 Find me on Twitter @imababykraken

Fortnite Challenges – Pirates, Lava and Season 8

Season 8 is here, pirates and lava. Oh boy.
Challenges ahoy!

ENDS7th March – 11 AM (GMT)


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Fortnite – Share the love

Love is in the air, and you’re probably playing Fortnite.

Anyway, Fortnite. How you’ve treated us so nicely over the last year or so.

Thank you Epic for your gift of some special rewards and challenges to show your love for Valentines.

ENDS27th February – 11 AM I think (GMT)

Challenges, skins, love. It’s all here.

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Fortnite Challenges – This Weeks a long one…

Ok so the last challenges are here, but we have a few weeks to finish up. Slow and steady boys.

ENDS27th February – 2 PM (GMT)


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Apex Legends is phenomenal

Stop. This isn’t just another Battle Royale, this is large scale search and destroy, kill or be killed, communicate or lose the game.

Allow me to tell you why you should take a moment and just forget this game is a Battle Royale, you may find yourself having fun in the not cool to like genre.

After all, it’s free and set in the Titanfall universe. Why bother reading what I have to say when you should download it and give it your own opinion.

But Mark, why is Apex Legends different? Tell me about it

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Apex Legends – A battle royale game I’m actually hyped for

It looks like an unexpected contender has entered the arena. The creator’s of Titanfall (Respawn) has announced on Twitter that Apex Legends, a battle royale game set in the Titanfall universe is real.

Starting at 4 PM (GMT) a live stream will start over on the Apex Twitch channel building up the grand reveal at around 8 PM (GMT).

My thoughts?

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Anthem Open Demo is Live!

Now everyone can soar into the Anthem open demo!

ENDS4th February – 2 AM(GMT)

What content is available?

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Fortnite Challenges – The Prisoner Released – AND MARSHMELLO!

Search search search. And obviously, deal some damage and what not. You know the drill.

ENDS7th February – 2 PM (GMT)


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Monster Hunter World Appreciation Fest

The Monster Hunter World Anniversary celebration has begun!

ENDS21st Feb – Estimated Time 23:59 PM (GMT)

Let’s earn some goodies!

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Anthem VIP Demo is Live!

Time to soar into Anthem if you’ve preordered the game or have EA/Origin Access. Not to fear though, there is an open demo next week so everyone can have a go!

ENDS27th January – 5 PM (GMT)

What content is available?

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