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Anthem Open Demo is Live!

Now everyone can soar into the Anthem open demo!

ENDS4th February – 2 AM(GMT)

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Anthem VIP Demo is Live!

Time to soar into Anthem if you’ve preordered the game or have EA/Origin Access. Not to fear though, there is an open demo next week so everyone can have a go!

ENDS27th January – 5 PM (GMT)

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February 15th – An overcrowded day for game releases.

As someone who might be classed as a collector when it comes to games, I noticed how expensive February can be for games, more specifically. One day.

February 15th.

The day after Valentines, perhaps the publishers thought it might be a good idea to cheer up solos.

Do you know how many games are going to be playable on February 15th?

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Every Javelin and Ultimate in Anthem

Javelins are the exo-suits of Anthem, and there are four of them. Ranger, Colossus, Storm and Interceptor.

Each one unique, but still variable. You can have a Storm Javelin focused on either Support, Attack or even a mix between.

Highlighted information from the Stream the Anthem Dev team hosted last night, cosmetics are purely cosmetic. Looking super-fly doesn’t mean you will be the top dog in Anthems open world.

Good to know.

Video of abilities, a description of each Ultimate

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Release date: 22/02/19
Platforms: PC | Xbox One | PS4

Access is granted on the 15th February for EA and Origin Access users.

There will be access to pre-launch demo on the 1st of February if you preorder the game on Origin.

Where to buy

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