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Apex Legends is phenomenal

Stop. This isn’t just another Battle Royale, this is large scale search and destroy, kill or be killed, communicate or lose the game.

Allow me to tell you why you should take a moment and just forget this game is a Battle Royale, you may find yourself having fun in the not cool to like genre.

After all, it’s free and set in the Titanfall universe. Why bother reading what I have to say when you should download it and give it your own opinion.

But Mark, why is Apex Legends different? Tell me about it

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Apex Legends – A battle royale game I’m actually hyped for

It looks like an unexpected contender has entered the arena. The creator’s of Titanfall (Respawn) has announced on Twitter that Apex Legends, a battle royale game set in the Titanfall universe is real.

Starting at 4 PM (GMT) a live stream will start over on the Apex Twitch channel building up the grand reveal at around 8 PM (GMT).

My thoughts?

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