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Battlefield V Tides of War: Overture – Forward Week 1

Kicking off the Tides of War is Overture, a 4 week campaign with specific objectives to complete to gain exclusive weapons, vehicles, skins and dogtags.

Week one, two and three are called Forward.

WEEK ONE ENDS13th December – 9 AM – I think. I will update when I know for sure.

Check out this weeks assignments and main reward

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Battlefield V: Tides of War – Overture delayed and detailed

Originally the first chapter of Tides of War – Overture was supposed to be dropping this Morning at 9 AM (GMT – 4th December) but has been delayed until tomorrow, as an unspecified issue was found last minute.

Regardless, it’s only a day’s delay until we see our first batch of free additional content for Battlefield V.

Details and trailer…

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Battlefield V has a secret mortar.

This has been known for a little while now, but not by many.

The PIAT launcher available to the Assault Class on Battlefield V, actually doubles up as a mortar.

By aiming down sight and zooming in on your map you may notice that a little red dot will show, which is to aim the PIAT’s curve to its destination.

Isn’t this overpowered?

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Little issues that spoil the fun of Battlefield V are getting fixed!

If you’ve played Battlefield V, I’m pretty sure most of you will agree with me on these two points.

Why does it take longer to leave a game than to join one?

I mean I’m not complaining at how fast it loads but when I want to leave it’s not always to go make a cuppa. I’m not overly fond of using Alt+F4 but in reality it’s probably quicker to do that and load the game back up to join another game than to do it properly!

So let’s see what is being fixed.

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When can you pre-load Battlefield V for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Depending on which version of the game you have decided to go, or if you own Origin/EA Access, your pre-load time for Battlefield V is different for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Quick hint, if you’re still undecided on Battlefield V, why not buy a month of Origin/EA Access and give it a go with a 10-hour trial?

Side-note: I’ll be live-streaming Battlefield V on Friday as soon as it’s playable, and oh boy am I looking forward to it! I’ll be announcing my stream as I go live, or click here to follow me!

Pre-load times

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What I’m playing on Twitch next weekend – BATTLEFIELD V, HITMAN 2

Well hello there! Just a day ago I played Fallout 76 with a friend, whilst I can’t say the game was trash. I doubt I’ll be playing it again in the future. At all, unless dirt cheap or free.

However, this following weekend will be VERY different.

On Saturday I will be playing Battlefield V at 11 PM GMT(or earlier), and on Sunday I will be playing HITMAN 2(between 10 – 10:30pm GMT).

So tune in! Let’s see what happens 😉

I’ll be announcing them as I go live, or click here to follow me!

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Battlefield V won’t let you buy in-game currency at launch

DICE has revealed that in-game currency will not be purchasable at launch, and also clarified how it won’t give anyone a “leg up”.

Purchasable currency can only be used to purchase cosmetic items.

However, the in-game currency will enable you to buy Skill tree upgrades, weapons, vehicles, new gear and “specific” cosmetics items.

See the delightful economy picture from DICE

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