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Dead Cells will receive a Custom Mode by the end of the year

Dead Cells which truly is one of the best platformers I have ever played, will receive a Custom Mode by the end of the year.

In a blog post by the dev’s highlight about having time off after finally releasing the game after 3 years of development and how they aren’t done with Dead Cells yet.

“The Custom Mode is designed to give you a new layer of control over the game, really giving you the ability to make “your” Dead Cells. For instance, one of the most requested feature was to be able to ban some weapons from the loot table once unlocked, or choose your starting gear. Many other modifications of the standard gameplay will also be possible.”

But that’s not all

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Dead Cells Celebrates Its Launch With An Animated Trailer

Dead Cells, the rogue-like action platformer from Motion Twin is set for a full release on August the 7th for PS4, Xbox One and Switch (you can get it now on PC).

And to celebrate they have released an awesome animated trailer, showing the danger you’ll be up against.

It is one of our most recommended games and have been playing it a lot through early access.

It is a lot of fun, truly unique and amazingly smooth!


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Dead Cells

Release date: 07/08/18
Platforms: PC (Already Out) | Xbox One | PS4 | Switch

Buy it from (all the links are affiliated and open in new tabs)
Humble Bundle – PC – £15.83
10% off for Humble Subscribers
Microsoft Store – Xbox – £15.00

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