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Fortnite Challenges – Pirates, Lava and Season 8

Season 8 is here, pirates and lava. Oh boy.
Challenges ahoy!

ENDS7th March – 11 AM (GMT)


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Fortnite – Share the love

Love is in the air, and you’re probably playing Fortnite.

Anyway, Fortnite. How you’ve treated us so nicely over the last year or so.

Thank you Epic for your gift of some special rewards and challenges to show your love for Valentines.

ENDS27th February – 11 AM I think (GMT)

Challenges, skins, love. It’s all here.

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Fortnite Challenges – This Weeks a long one…

Ok so the last challenges are here, but we have a few weeks to finish up. Slow and steady boys.

ENDS27th February – 2 PM (GMT)


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Fortnite Challenges – The Prisoner Released – AND MARSHMELLO!

Search search search. And obviously, deal some damage and what not. You know the drill.

ENDS7th February – 2 PM (GMT)


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Fortnite Challenges of the week!

Search search search. And obviously, deal some damage and what not. You know the drill.

ENDS31st January – 2 PM (GMT)


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Who knew? More Fortnite Challenges!

Rifts and Stormwings, get high and fly. Or because of the high theme, a quad and balloons like the thumbnail which I’m reusing specially this week 😉

ENDS24th January – 2 PM (GMT)


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Fortnite Challenges – Another week another challenge.

Chilly Gnomes you say… Better bring a blanket for them I suppose.

ENDS17th January – 2 PM (GMT)


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14 Days of Fortnite RETURNS

14 Days of Fortnite has returned after a communication error. Last chance!

ENDS15th January – 8 AM (GMT)

What’s the plan?

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Fortnite Challenges – Riddle me this.

Hello new challenges!

A giant rock man, a crowded tomato, and an encircled tree… Read on.

ENDS10th January – 2 PM (GMT)


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