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Dragon Ball FighterZ free to play weekend with Xbox Live Gold and on Steam

KAMEHAMEHA! Time to try before you buy Dragon Ball FighterZ this weekend.

ENDS28th January – 8 AM (GMT)

The Xbox One standard and FighterZ edition are 60% off, and the Ultimate Edition is 50% off.
On Steam all three editions are 60% off.

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Crew 2 – Free to play weekend, sale and free vehicles!

Join other racers in this huge American open world racing game, free to play for the weekend.

Playing will also unlock you a free vehicle (dependant on platform).

ENDS17th December between 12 AM and 5 PM (GMT) See below for platform specific end times

What are the end times and free vehicles

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The Crew 2 Free Weekend on PC!

Just sneaking in before the early launch of the Ultimate Edition for another well-known racing game. The Crew 2 has decided it’s time for a free weekend.

You can jump online with buddies and experience this not ‘too’ shabby online racing game for yourself, which also coincides with the latest update that brings Gator Rush along with it.

After a discount?

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