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HITMAN 2 – Snow Festival and Free Trial

Christmas is over but snow resides. Take aim with your snowballs in HITMAN 2’s Snow Festival.

ENDS8th February – 6 PM (PC) | 1 PM (PS4 and Xbox One) (GMT)

More white powder this way…

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HITMAN 2: First Elusive Target – The Undying

It’s time to take on your first Elusive Target in HITMAN 2. Mark Faba (aka Sean Bean) is an ex-MI5 operative who’s been confirmed as Killed by ICA agents more than a dozen times, yet every time he appears to rise back from the dead.

Can you finally take down The Undying.

ENDS4th December – 5 PM (GMT)

Mission briefing, rewards and location

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HITMAN 2: Rewards for eliminating elusive targets.

Sean Bean arrives later today, so how would you like to know the rewards for beating him and other Elusive Targets.

We will get 14 days from 5 PM (GMT) this evening to take out Sean Bean, hopefully, that remains the same time period for all Elusive Targets, plan it well, play it carefully.

IO Interactive has already announced that you’ll be able to unlock the Explosive Pen just by playing the Sean Bean contract.

Other rewards…

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What I’m playing on Twitch next weekend – BATTLEFIELD V, HITMAN 2

Well hello there! Just a day ago I played Fallout 76 with a friend, whilst I can’t say the game was trash. I doubt I’ll be playing it again in the future. At all, unless dirt cheap or free.

However, this following weekend will be VERY different.

On Saturday I will be playing Battlefield V at 11 PM GMT(or earlier), and on Sunday I will be playing HITMAN 2(between 10 – 10:30pm GMT).

So tune in! Let’s see what happens 😉

I’ll be announcing them as I go live, or click here to follow me!

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Be wary of Rubber Ducks this month – HITMAN 2 Launch Trailer

10 days until HITMAN 2 releases (or 6 if you have gold edition), and the live-action launch trailer has arrived detailing some creative weapons to eliminate your targets.

Sean Bean who is our first Elusive Target stars in the trailer.

For those unaware, an Elusive Target in HITMAN is a unique target who you will only get one chance to eliminate, and will only be available for a limited period (10 days).

Watch the trailer and more details

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First HITMAN levels playable in HITMAN 2

Whether or not you’ve played the first season of HITMAN, you will be able to play it all in HITMAN 2 as part of the HITMAN Legacy Pack.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have announced the HITMAN Legacy Pack that will bring the locations and content from the original season of HITMAN into the enhanced world of HITMAN 2.

The levels contained in the Legacy Pack have been remastered to take advantage of the new features in HITMAN 2.

This includes foliage, improved crowds and advanced AI…

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