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Sunset Overdrive officially confirmed for PC

I knew this day would come!

Sunset Overdrive has been officially announced for PC, coming… TOMORROW!

Larry Hryb (or as you may know him as Major Nelson) tweeted earlier today about talking to Insomniac Games bring Sunset Overdrive to Windows 10 PC’s.

Insomniac Games also retweeted Major Nelsons tweet with the comment “Tune in tomorrow to learn more about the best kept secret in games!”

Trailer for PC!

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Monster Hunter World: Kulve Taroth Siege (PC)

Monster Hunter World players on PC will finally be able to take on the Kulve Taroth Siege.

Your task is to destroy the horns of elder dragon Kulve Taroth!

ENDS15th November – 23:59 PM (GMT)

How many players and what are the rewards?

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Sunset Overdrive is finally coming to PC?

UPDATE: Well it’s practically official now, Sunset Overdrive has shown up on SteamDB now. My guess is it will be announced at X018 on Saturday!

I knew this day would come! It would appear that Insomniac’s open-world Xbox exclusive could be coming to PC.

Earlier this year a Korean rating board made reference to a PC version of the game but it went quiet fairly quickly.

But now the ESRB has rated the game for Windows, which all in all points to an announcement on the horizon. Click here to see for yourself!

What’s Sunset Overdrive?

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Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app hints PC Version and VR

The new companion app for Red Dead Redemption 2 in available on Android and iOS, and it appears to have dropped a few hints about a possible PC version.

The app lets players view the map and track core stats. In its files are references to PC as one of the game’s platforms.

The lines of code spotted by Rockstar Intel read, “PARAM_companionAutoConnectIpPC” and “CommandIsPcVersion(void) 000000000166A12C.”

Does this mean a PC Version is definitely coming?

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Yakuza 0 PC launch trailer is as you would expect – weird and wonderful


Yakuza 0 released on PC today, what are you waiting for. Get it loaded!

The launch trailer is filled with sharply dressed men kicking each other. Another day in the office.

But there’s also bowling, dancing minigames, half dressed female wrestling and karaoke singing. You guessed it, this is a completely normal game nothing out of the ordinary to see here… Yeah right!


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The Occupation gets a release date

A new game from White Paper Games, the creators of Ether One have teamed up with Humble Bundle to release The Occupation, an investigate adventure game with a twist.

Set in 1987 North West England, a terrorist act triggers laws that will erode civil liberties. You play as a journalist trying to uncover the truth behind behind the explosion by collecting evidence and conducting interviews.


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