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PUBG Coming to PS4 on December 7th

After small snippets of information, it’s finally been announced that PUBG will be coming to PS4 on December 7th.

The game will feature all three maps currently on PC and Xbox One.

You can buy both physical and digital copies of the game. The disc version and digital Looter’s Edition are priced at £25. There are two other digital tiers, Survivor’s Edition (£40), and Champion’s Edition (£50).

Pre-order bonuses and trailer

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PUBG x Suicide Squad – Joker and Harley Quinn skins

Whilst Fortnite was busy prepping for the NFL skins, PUBG had something else planned.

However fond I am of Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, and Will Smith. Suicide wasn’t a great film, it was ok at best.

But if you and a partner want to do what was probably a common couple’s Halloween costume in 2016, then be my guest.

Abit of a strange combo right? Watch the trailer

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PUBG has appeared on the PS Store Database, looks like a December release

A member of the PSN profiles forum found references to PUBG in their console’s database, hinting that a release is nearby.

Two promotional images were also found which are hosted on Sony’s Servers along with IDs for both the North American and European PS Stores.

Games do not get assigned IDs unless a release is near or getting a store page.

Is it confirmed?

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PUBG – Public Beta: Flare Gun

Another test for the flare gun system before getting added to PUBG!

This event mode will mimic normal squad games, except that there will be a rare chance for the Flare Gun to spawn alongside normal loot. The goal here is to basically beta test the Flare Gun as normal PUBG loot with the intention to add it as a rare drop to normal games once the test concludes.

Information on event…

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PUBG Xbox event: Sanhok Forty-Fivers

Starts 3am BST on October 5
PUBG’s latest limited time event mode enters its 4x4km Sanhok map. The name comes from the only spawnable guns are compatible with blue boxed .45 ammunition.

Which means you’re restricted to Tommy Guns, Win94s, R45s, P1911s, as well as throwables. Care packages contain Vectors, 0.45 ACP rounds and Lvl 3 gear; and the safe zone starts small, and is visible from the outset. Weather is set to Overcast, red zones are disabled, and teamkilling is a no-no.


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PUBG – Silent and Violent

I prefer silent but deadly. But this isn’t about flatulence.

“Scurry through the hills of Sahnok with a fully loaded out VSS and eliminate as many enemies as possible in this squad-based war mode event,”

What to expect?

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PUBG’s Dodgebomb

Do you love blowing stuff up with grenades or just generally setting fire to people.

First of all, you may need help. Secondly, you will just love the new PUBG mode.

In this limited mode, three teams of ten will drop in with an arsenal of 20 grenades each, as well as a molotov cocktail. Each and everyone of you will be equiped with level 3 gear and a frying pan.

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PUBG PC Update improves performance, adds limb penetration and a new mode.

PUBG PC Update #19 introduces, performance improvements and limb penetration, which was a highly requested feature, as well as gameplay tweaks and other quality of life improvements.

Additionally a new mode has been added to test servers named War Mode: Conquest, it’s description reads “Death match with respawns. Reach the points goal or accumulate the most points within the time limit to win”.

The full patch notes are below.


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Event: Metal Rain

What is it?

Metal Rain is an eight-player, 12-squad mode in PUBG with a twist. Played only on Erangel, the mode adds a flare gun to the loot table. There are several of them scattered around, and if you find one, you’ll be able to call in a special treat. If you’re outside the playzone, the flare gun will call in an armoured UAZ. If you’re inside, however, it’ll drop a special care package. Regular care packages, and the red zone do return, though the weather is dynamic unlike traditional Erangel matches.

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