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PUBG Coming to PS4 on December 7th

After small snippets of information, it’s finally been announced that PUBG will be coming to PS4 on December 7th.

The game will feature all three maps currently on PC and Xbox One.

You can buy both physical and digital copies of the game. The disc version and digital Looter’s Edition are priced at £25. There are two other digital tiers, Survivor’s Edition (£40), and Champion’s Edition (£50).

Pre-order bonuses and trailer

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PUBG has appeared on the PS Store Database, looks like a December release

A member of the PSN profiles forum found references to PUBG in their console’s database, hinting that a release is nearby.

Two promotional images were also found which are hosted on Sony’s Servers along with IDs for both the North American and European PS Stores.

Games do not get assigned IDs unless a release is near or getting a store page.

Is it confirmed?

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Spiderman Leaked footage shows Kingpin Boss Battle (Spoilers)

Spiderman is one of the most anticipated games of 2018 and is coming exclusively to PS4. It looks completely different than the previous Spiderman games, its visuals are better, every move looks fluid and the combat looks amazing.

Yet another enemy has “sort of” been revealed, this time its Wilson Fisk, more commonly known as Kingpin.

Footage has leaked of Spiderman where you can see a glimpse of the boss battle against Kingpin.


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Metal Gear Solid 5 – Quiet now playable in FOB missions

An unexpected update has landed for MGS 5.

Take a fresh take on FOB missions with Quiet.

Additionally Quiet can take long shots with minimal shake, moves very quickly and can jump over objects that other characters would require a ladder for.

Standing will “make her stealthy”, along with a dash ability to close the gap with enemies very quickly.

I can only imagine it being down to her “skin-breathing” explained in the main game, but you cannot change her outfit or headgear.

Additionally in the update there is a new pair of sniper rifles and a new Event FOB difficulty level.


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Strange Brigade

Release date: 28/08/18
Platforms: PC | Xbox One | PS4


Buy it from (all links are affiliated and open in new tabs)
Amazon – £39.99 for Xbox One or PS4
Humble Bundle – £35.99

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Release date: 14/09/18
Platforms: PC | Xbox One | PS4

48 Hour Early Access is given as a pre-purchase bonus to the Digital Deluxe and Croft editions of the game.

Where to buy

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Release date: 05/10/18
Platforms: PC | Xbox One | PS4

3 Days Early Access given to pre-purchases of the Digital Gold and Digital Gold Ultimate Editions of the game.

Where to buy

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Overkills The Walking Dead

Release date: 06/11/18
Platforms: PC | Xbox One | PS4

Buy it from (all links are affiliated and open in new tabs)
Amazon – Xbox One and PS4 £49.99

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Hitman 2

Release date: 13/11/18
Platforms: PC | Xbox One | PS4

4 days early access given to pre-purchases of the Gold Edition of the game.

Where to buy

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