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Sea of Thieves – Gilded Gifts

Time to set sails for 1 of 4 exclusive voyages this holiday.

ENDS31st December

What treasures await?

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Sea of Thieves – Fog and Bones

The latest update Shrouded Spoils is out now for Sea of Thieves and brings fog, more skeletons and improvements.

You will be able to customise your ship with new cosmetics, and have more frequent and interesting encounters with the Kraken and Megalodon.

But there’s plently more being added, watch the content update video for a complete breakdown.

Check out the content update video

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Sea of Thieves – Forsaken Shores

Forsaken Shores has landed for Sea of Thieves bringing a new area, cosmetics for characters, weapons and items, as well as more quests and things to do!

Learn the truth behind the terrible tale of the Forsaken Shores Alliance.

End time is currently estimated and will be updated when more details are known.

What can you do? What can you earn?

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Sea of Thieves reaches 5 million players as Cursed Sails launches

Xbox and Rare have announced a new milestone for its shared world pirate adventure Sea of Thieves.

The game has now been enjoyed by more than five millions player since its launch back in March.

However this may not necessarily sales as Sea of Thieves was the first Microsoft title to be included in the Xbox Game Pass, and the total number most likely includes the Game Pass subscribers.

What also wasn’t mentioned was is this active players or just the amount of people who have tried the game since launch.


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Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails

The second free update for Sea of Thieves has been announced

Named Cursed Sails.


Ready your cannons as Cursed Sails arrives, the second free update for Sea of Thieves, debuting terrifying skeleton ships and more new content alongside a time-limited campaign.

Pirate dominion over the waters is being challenged by crews of skeletons, united by their warped desire for vengeance on the living. Each region will be called out, so prepare to fight to protect your favourite Outposts! Form Alliances to share the rewards of co-operation, or perhaps the new three-person Brigantine ship will help to even the odds?

Meanwhile, piece together the origins of these cursed vessels by investigating a certain rogue trader. This update includes both permanent new content and time-limited events, so jump in during the campaign to fully enjoy the spoils of war.


There’s panic at the Outposts as banners are appearing throughout the three regions of the Sea of Thieves – banners that are calling you out! Every pirate worth their salt is being challenged to battle at sea, as the dead make war on the living in grim galleons that wield curses against the unwary. Want more ways to meet the foe? The new Brigantine vessel lets three-person crews join the fray, or you can now form Alliances to share voyages, gold and experience rewards across crews. To arms, pirates!


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The arrival of skeleton ships has all but blockaded the Outposts, leaving the local traders in a tight spot. Something caused this new and personal threat to the pirate way of life, so why not ask your friendly, local Bilge Rat in the tavern if he’s heard any rumours? In this time-limited campaign, investigate the tale of a missing merchant and uncover the origins of the undead armada to unlock unique rewards!

Cursed Sails adds new outfits and liveries to Sea of Thieves, in the forms of both permanent new content and time-limited campaign rewards. No pirate will let a challenge from the dead go unmet, so it’s only fitting to try out some new skelly sartorial choices for the coming mayhem.


Dress for Death: Get skeleton accessories like a belt, eyepatch and boots, alongside items like the shovel and drum, to complete your ‘summer of smashing skellies’ look.

Join the Hunt: The Hunter outfit and items are perfect for pirates who take their slaying seriously, a cutthroat set for those who both smash and create skeletons.

Skelly Up Your Ship: Like the bones ’n’ boats aesthetic? Get skeleton sails, livery, a figurehead and even a flag to give your ship a frightful new visage.

Getting HairyCursed Sails introduces more ways to customise your hair – perhaps hair envy is the cause of the skellies’ rage? It’s coiffures versus coffins on the seas!

Trio Trouble: The mid-sized Brigantine is built for three, allowing smaller crews to wield more firepower. Existing cosmetics can be applied to this handsome new vessel!

Go Ghost: Prefer your undead to be even less alive? Pirates with Legendary status can decorate their ships with ghost livery, including a bone-chilling figurehead and sails.



Cursed Sails will introduce all the things above and more, with some items being campaign-based (time-limited) and some being content-based (persisting in the game).

Permanent content includes the new Brigantine ship for players and the threat of future skeleton ships as enemy encounters. Skeleton-themed items (such as the lantern and speaking trumpet), clothing accessories and instruments will remain for sale in shops for those who unlock them. The Hunter outfit and items will be available in shops for all players. Ghost ship decorations will remain available, for those with Legendary status. Finally, the new Alliance system will remain in place to let pirates form future fleets.

Time-limited campaign content includes a series of set battles against the skeleton armada, alongside an investigation into the cause of the attacks. It also includes the chance to unlock skeleton-themed ship decorations, a skeleton scar and special sails for the three regions.


Join The Skeleton Skirmish

Look for call-out banners left on the Outposts of the three regions during the coming weeks, telling you where and when to join battle with the skeleton ships. Defend the Outposts and uncover the story of this new foe to get the most out of Cursed Sails – talk to the Bilge Rats to learn more. Then load your cannons, eat your bananas and prepare for battle. The Sea of Thieves needs you!

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Sea of Thieves

Event: The Sunken Curse

What is it?

Players will be diving underwater to find mysterious artifacts. The Bilge Rats, as usual, have plenty of information on the objects, so be sure to listen to their conversations while visiting the local tavern. These mysterious items are basically mermaid statues which rest in the shallows along the shores. Players are tasked with destroying the statues which harbor cursed, ancient magic. Not all statues are bound by the a curse, but each regenerate health over time. This means some will require more firepower than others to destroy.

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