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Fortnite Challenges – Pirates, Lava and Season 8

Season 8 is here, pirates and lava. Oh boy.
Challenges ahoy!

ENDS7th March – 11 AM (GMT)


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Fortnite – One Hit Sword, and Close Encounters

Get close and personal with this weeks’ newest weapon, and you’d better get close in this weeks LTM too as it’s Close Encounters.

ENDS18th December – 11 AM (GMT)
Mode details and what’s this sword all about?
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Fortnite – Season 7 – No New LTM’s yet…

I was hoping for some winter sports. But currently, the playable LTM is still Team Rumble.

However High Explosives has been replaced by the new Creative mode.

ENDSEstimated 13th December – 12 PM (GMT)

More details please…

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Fortnite – The first Season 7 Challenges

Jingles Bells, Jingle Bells, Epic where’s my Sleigh? Seriously though. Winter themed update and no sleigh? There’s a Sleigh Glider for Battle Pass Tier 15, but I mean a rideable one!

I call it now, a rideable¬†sleigh will be added in the new few weeks. If not I’ll be utterly disappointed.

ENDS13th December – 2 PM (GMT)

This weeks brand new frosty challenges!

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Fortnite – Season 6 Week 1 – Battle Royale Modes

Season 6 has arrived with plenty of ‘spooky’ additions.

This week’s current Battle Royale limited time mode is Soaring 50’s.

Remember to look out for the new Shadow Stones to get that stealthy advantage in Battle Royale.

Read all the Season 6 patch notes by clicking here!

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Fortnite – Season 6 Week 1 – Save the World

This week’s limited time event for Save the World is…

Cram Session – Mini-Boss Mission Alerts are active!

Look out for the new Riot husky…

What are the rewards?

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