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Is Halo Infinite an Xbox Play Anywhere title

Microsoft have said that it’s not ready to confirm whether or not Halo Infinite will be an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

Yesterday, fans realised that the Xbox Play Anywhere logo isn’t on the games store page despite there being a PC version.

Fans assumed all first-party Xbox One titles coming to PC are Xbox Play Anywhere-enabled.

“Halo Infinite is in development for both the Xbox and Windows 10 PC. The studio is taking the time needed to make the best Halo game possible and we will share more information about the game once we’re ready,” Microsoft told Gamespot in a statement.


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Looks like there’s 2 next gen Xbox consoles

According to a new report, Microsoft is planning to release not one, but two next-gen consoles.

Throw back to E3, head of Xbox Phil Spencer mentioned working on new hardware and new ways to stream games.

According to the report. There will be 2 next gen consoles, part of a family called Xbox Scarlett.

One of which is a traditional console, the other which is referred to as Scarlett cloud will be a much cheaper, much less powerful game streaming box.


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